Thursday, March 02, 2006

Daily Kos: Olbermann on another big-headed media nutcase

Daily Kos: Olbermann Is Singlehandedly Cleaning the Media Stables: "God bless Keith Olbermann. He is famously reducing Bill O'Reilly and the Fox Flying Monkeys to the laughing stocks they deserve to be. Now he is branching out. Tonight's Worst Person in the World is Nancy Grace, possibly the world's only human being capable of making Rita Cosby look good.

It seems Nancy has been caught committing the right-winger's common sin of padding the resume. Miss Nancy justifies her authoritarian habit of decrying every defendant as guilty by telling the tragic story of her teenage fiance. Well, things weren't quite as she has let on. She may have to hire Scooter Libby's memory loss expert to wriggle out of this one"


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