Friday, December 31, 2004

Seeking the Hand Of God in the Waters (

Fascinating but far too brief article addressing the burning question, Did God do this? And if so, why? It grieves me that so many people's thinking about God seems so childish and rigid. I think a quote from Martin Marty in the article sums up my initial thoughts:

"It's only natural [in such situations] to repose yourself in the will of God," he says. "If you're a believer, then you must believe that God, somehow, is a presence in all of this. But God didn't tell anybody that you go through life without disasters."

It's what you do in and as a result of those disasters that marks your faith. Love, reconciliation, sacrifice, service... that is the hand of God at work in the waters.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

The South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami

The South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami

This blog collects latest assistance information and opportunities to donate. Please do.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Scott Turow puts politics into perspective A Dominant GOP? How So?

Friday, December 24, 2004

Day 1 : The Rev. Dr. Walter Brueggemann : "A New World Birthed"

A wonderful sermon from an eminent scholar, preached on 'Day 1' last Sunday.

Between Faith And Reason, Room for Hope (

Between Faith And Reason, Room for Hope (

Merry Christmas, y'all!

The True Values of The Day (

The True Values of The Day (

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Peace on Earth? (

E. J. Dionne makes a lot of sense in his latest Washington Post piece on the holiday battles. Here's a good nugget:

Personally, I am partial to seasonal celebrations that acknowledge our religious diversity by allowing traditions to express themselves in their integrity. This is better than allowing only a commercial Christmas mush that satisfies no one except the retailers. Trying to delete every form of religious expression from the public square leads to foolishness. But one thing is even more foolish: for the religious majority to feel "oppressed" by a public etiquette designed to honor the rights of those outside its ranks.

Read the rest...and happy holidays!

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Bill Moyers Gets In the Last Word Bill Moyers Gets In the Last Word

Tom Shales' review of Bill Moyers' last program on PBS. The final "Now" focused on right wing radio. We will certainly miss this sharp and classy journalist.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Christian Century on the Emerging Church

I encourage anyone involved in religious communication to review this in-depth piece on the Emergent Church from Christian Century. While you're on their site, check out the companion pieces as well.

Southeast Asia Diary

Here's a very interesting diary entry by a professor traveling throughout Southeast Asia--with his insights on life, culture, and politics in the region in the Bush era.

The "Moral Values" Myth and the Election

Thanks to the Interfaith Alliance for this link from the Washington Post, a fascinating analysis by Dick Meyer on the "dodgy exit poll" answer that has come to be the gospel truth about the election.

Washington Post Voting Irregularities Overview Several Factors Contributed to 'Lost' Voters in Ohio

There is a growing amount of evidence that either massive fraud or stupidity prevented a lot of people from voting, or having their votes counted. The amazing thing is how almost universally the ones who had problems are Democratic voters. Would all of it have been enough to change the outcome of the election? We'll never know. But it sure is a mess.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Maybe the Mysterious Bulge on His Back Weighs 5 Lbs?

Doctors Pronounce Bush Fit, a Bit Heavier (

Whither the Democratic Party

The candidates for chief of the DNC met in Orlando, and here's a link to a news story from the Washington Post: "Campaign for DNC Chief Begins". I hope the fact they met near Disneyworld doesn't tell us anything. Whoever gets it has their work cut out for them. Bush's References to God Defended by Speechwriter

An interesting defense of President Bush's religious underpinnings made by one of his speechwriter is found in The Washington Post this morning. Note carefully Welton Gaddy's comments at the end of the article, which I think are well taken. I thought it was interesting that the remarks by Gerson, the speechwriter, were made at a Religion and Politics conference held at Key West, FL. I was just there last week. But not for any conference. This sounds like it must have been a fascinating series of meetings though.