Sunday, October 31, 2004

Sunday morning musings

Two days left, and the spin is furious. I try to keep up with things on Daily Kos or Talking Points Memo, and things look positive for a Kerry surge. Then I see a link to an AP piece headlined "Bush moving into lead" based on one lone poll. It's maddening.

So much going on, and so much of it bad news for Bush. Yet another report of a sealed munitions dump raided by looters, left alone because the administration didn't push for security (well, they did, for the Oil ministry). GOP voter suppression tricks by the hundreds. Bush saying Kerry is making wild charges which only get proven beyond a doubt. And of course our old friend Osama Bin Laden making a new appearance, tanned and rested and still on the loose (why?). Pundits are saying the new tape should help Bush because it links people's minds with 9/11 and how well he handled things in the aftermath. Are people really that stupid? Why aren't they holding this president accountable for his bait and switch tactics on the American people?

Maureen Dowd--who so often drives me crazy by making up stuff and trying to be funny--actually hit the nail on the head in today's NYT column.

The New York Times: Maureen Dowd: Will Osama Help W.?

Two days at the end of a campaign can be an eternity. Of course I fear the following days and weeks might seem an eternity as well. I'm hoping the margin is so decisive that it won't be.


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