Thursday, October 28, 2004

Thursday Thoughts

As important as this election is, the campaign is really wearing me out. I keep hearing promising trends, but who knows what can happen. The whole disappearing explosives story seems to have stronger legs than when it broke, despite Bush's constant taunts that a president should know the facts before he acts, saying Kerry is using unproven news reports to attack him. For one thing, the reports are seemingly being proven from left and right--with video (see the KSTP video) and eye-witness accounts (Iraqis who helped loot the site after the fall of Baghdad, and soldiers and officers on the scene at the time). For another thing, GW should follow his own advice. After all he chose to invade a country without the facts. And we're paying for it in so many lives... and so many more billions of dollars that could be used elsewhere. Now we learn the FBI is investigating a stinky Halliburton deal in Iraq. The incompetence and corruption of this administration are breathtaking.

A man I respect immensely said he feels that Kerry will win in a "small landslide." I hope so. I feel it too. But I don't put anything past this administration between now and then.


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