Sunday, February 27, 2005

Bishop Persell on the Anglican Brouhaha: "Sinful"

The Episcopal bishop of Chicago deplores all the time and energy spent on the gay issue in the Anglican church. Amen. Here's a news report. And here's an exerpt:

Chicago's Episcopal bishop said it is "sinful" for his church to be focusing on sex while people around the world suffer in war and live in poverty.

Bishop William Persell expressed his frustration Friday with a report by Anglican leaders that criticized American and Canadian faithful for accepting same-sex relationships and electing an openly gay bishop.

"It is sinful, and it is irresponsible, and someday we will look back on this period of our history and ask, 'Why were we so obsessed with this issue?' " Persell said. "We're using this to stir up people who have more to worry about, who are living with widespread AIDS and famine and poverty."


Persell supported Robinson's selection and said the resulting furor has not altered that support.

"I deeply regret the impact it's had in many parts of the world," he said. "However, I believe in the context of our faith, in which we try to be faithful to Jesus Christ, I believe the Episcopal church was right to offer leadership in this way."

He said local priests and congregants should be confident that the Anglican communion would weather this controversy and get back to the important business of the church.

"The church got through the period of slavery, which many said was justified by scripture," Persell said. "We are still as a communion in the process of dealing with women; in this country we have women bishops, but the Church of England does not. These things take time."


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