Thursday, March 17, 2005

Bush's Secretary of International Spin

The Washington Post's Richard Cohen on Karen Hughes, who has been nominated to be undersecretary of blowing smoke internationally-- and the administration's use of spin in the media, town hall meetings, etc. Bottom line:

What matters most at the moment, however, is that Hughes is Bush's creation and a great target of opportunity. She represents a chance to force -- or, better yet, shame -- the Bush administration into ceasing its use of our money to sell us a bill of goods or pretend that its Social Security town halls, about as spontaneous as a military funeral, are really exercises in small-town democracy. Her nomination is a gift, a chance for Senate Democrats, even some Republicans (I'm looking at you, McCain) to get the Bush administration to stop blowing smoke. After all, this is not a Democratic or Republican issue. In the spirit of bipartisanship that Bush has long promised, his administration has been deceiving us all.


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