Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Just What is Reverend Moon Up To?

One of my guilty blog-reading pleasures is Joseph Cannon's blog, Cannonfire. He's been a source of all sorts of interesting information about the stolen election, Bush's back bulge, and such topics, and proudly proclaims himself part of the "X-Files wing of the Democratic Party."

Lately he's been on the case of Reverend Sun Myung Moon, the self-proclaimed Messiah who funds far-right newspaper The Washington Times. Moon has strong connections, for instance, to Doug Wead, who revealed those embarrassing tapes of George W. Bush prior to his election. Some wonder if the tapes weren't released to let W. know who's really in control.

Today Joseph has a piece on the Moon connections with the Tim LaHaye ministry. LaHaye is the author (actually in name only, Jerry Jenkins wrote 'em) of the phenomenal Left Behind series of books. It's mostly conjecture but the pieces are fitting. Somebody needs to really dig into this creepy cult and see how far its tendrils reach. It may be terrifying. Google Moon and see what else he's been up to in recent years, it could make your skin crawl. And do be sure to scroll through Joseph's blog for all sorts of interesting nuggets. For instance, is the GOPUSA organization--of Gannon/Guckert fame--a Moonie front?

Having come out of the far religious right myself--a graduate of a conservative rapture-oriented dispensational seminary--I find this fascinating, and deeply troubling. And it only makes me glad to be free of those bonds.


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