Sunday, March 20, 2005

Terry Schiavo and the Moral Republicans

The Terry Schiavo case is heartbreaking. The Congressional Republicans are making it a circus with a dramatic, and lunatic, show of crocodile tears, meanwhile providing "talking points" for Senators because this, according to party operatives, is a "great political issue" that resonates with conservatives.

Tom DeLay challenges Terry Schiavo's husband: "My question is: What kind of man is he?" I'd like to ask Mr. DeLay that question, since the evidence is mounting daily that he himself is the kind of man who can be bought and paid for time and time again.

Randall Terry is consulting with the Schiavo parents, to help them keep their daughter alive while bringing more attention to himself, yet he--a longtime leader of anti-abortionists--kicked his own son out of his house because he was gay.

Such hypocrisy would be almost humorous if it weren't all so tragic. And these are our moral leaders. Thank God Terry Schiavo doesn't know what's going on around her. God bless her.


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