Friday, March 11, 2005

USA Next isn't finished with AARP yet

I have to say this infuriates me. Here's the story from Editor & Publisher.

AARP has every right to lobby on behalf of their members. I just joined myself, and am glad I did. They are a very powerful and balanced organization. USA Next is a hateful, vengeful, screeching right wing group that has already put such a vile ad against the AARP online that they were forced to drop it--and now the gay couple they pictured kissing (as part of the "AARP agenda") are suing them for illegally using their image. I hope they win millions.

The fact that the guy running USA Next formerly worked for Focus on the Family, the hatefilled narrow-minded group that purports to be Christian, only reveals the extent that that group will go to use dirty tricks and meanness to sell their false morality.

There's some hope in that E&P article though. Charlie Jarvis's two sons lean left, and he says they've had "knockdown" fights.


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