Thursday, March 17, 2005

Where is the Bush backlash?

I keep waiting for it. Every day comes some new revelation, some amazingly stupid decision or insulting nomination, and other than on the liberal blogs we just don't hear much in the "mainstream media."

The Iraq war continues, and we lose young Americans week after week. And we get reports from trustworthy sources that the recent election there was rigged. Which unfortunately isn't surprising.

The Halliburton rip-off scandal makes a blip on the radar screen and then goes away. How many millions have they bilked us out of now?

Bush cronies Karen Hughes, Alberto Gonzalez, Paul Wolfowitz, John Bolton, and countless others get placed in vital roles on the national and international stage, which can only further erode our freedoms and international stature.

The Gannon/Guckert case gets swept under the carpet by the House committee, hoping it will all go away. There is so much more here deep under the surface, I am sure, that we will never know.

The administration is using millions of dollars of taxpayers' money to unethically influence them through one-sided video news releases and paid-off commentators.

And the Social Security fiasco... where to start?

Was Bush again using an earpiece at the news conference yesterday?

Will we ever find out the real scoop on the 2004 election and the fraudulent voting machines? What about all the folks who were unable to vote on flimsy excuses?

And who was behind the Rathergate memos?

What will happen to our environment? Thank God the "Clear Skies" initiative was defeated, but then the next week we have oil drilling in pristine Alaskan wilderness.

On and on the litany goes. Sure, Bush's approval rating dips slightly week by week. But when is America--red states and all-- going to wake up?


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