Monday, April 18, 2005

Stan Lee profile in LA Times

Here's the latest interview with my hero, Stan Lee, from the LA Times.

Here's some of the things he's got cooking with his new company:

You're developing characters again with your new company. What are they like?

One called Earth Walker we're developing for TV. Lightspeed, we're developing that with the Sci Fi Channel. Night Bird, a female hero, with Bruce Willis and Arnold Rifkin's company. We're doing "Hef's Super Bunnies," in which I'll let the world know what [Playboy magnate Hugh] Hefner's real life is about and how Hef has been saving the world all these years in secret. We're also developing animation shorts for the cellphone, which are very big in Asia now and will be in the U.S. soon. We have a new animated series with Ringo Starr. We've gotten friendly, and we're going to do an animated show in which I make him a reluctant superhero. He's going to do the voice and the music. I told him I'd make him famous. And say that I said it with a laugh!


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