Monday, June 20, 2005

Another reason why I love Anne Lamott

Her latest post at the TPM Cafe... highlights:

Even though people will look back at the Bush years agape, it is hard to stay hopeful when we don't know when that will be. It's hard not to know how long of a haul we are in for: it's like when you are trapped in a really toxic relationship, and have not figured a way out yet. I heard Bush's radio address out of the corner of my ear today, and he said once again that we are in Iraq because we were attacked: this always has the effect of causing me to grip my stomach, rock back and forth, and moan, like the Rainman. But both Jesus and my Buddhist friend Jack Kornfield would say that these are such dreadful times, how can we not respond with ever greater acts of compassion?
There are cracks in America now that have actually split us into two. It's the most toxic environment of my lifetime. Yet I would say that things were less much hopeful a month after the election. My friends and I were like caribou contaminated with swerving sickness, when the level of infection gets so high that the caribou start walking around in circles until they drop. But in the last two weeks, things have started to turn to shit much more quickly for the Bush administration.

And as a devout follower of Jesus, here are my thoughts on that: HAH HAH HAH.


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