Sunday, June 19, 2005

Kroger is pimping right-wing propaganda

I was shocked to see in Sunday morning's Atlanta Journal Constitution a full-color ad for Kroger's new "BOOK OF THE MONTH" offered at 40% off: THE TRUTH ABOUT HILLARY by Edward Klein... a book that has already been discredited as erroneous and full of innuendo and unproven allegation.

For more on the book, see Media Matters for America coverage at

Kroger is a major supermarket chain, headquartered in Cincinnati but doing business nationally. If you're inclined, visit the Kroger website and express your outrage:

Here's what I sent to Kroger via their website:

I am absolutely appalled that you would feature "The Truth About Hillary" as a 40% off special book in your stores. The Atlanta Journal Constitution featured your ad for this shoddy, mean, one-sided book in the paper on Sunday, June 19.

This book has already been discredited as factually inaccurate and built on innuendo. Please see various articles about this book here:

Until this matter is addressed I have no intention of shopping at Kroger, which was my primary place to shop for groceries. I also intend to publicize this matter on various blogs. This is totally out of character for Kroger.


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