Saturday, June 04, 2005

Notes on a Saturday Morning

Some items of note before I get to work on the million little things I gotta do today:

  • John at AmericaBlog opines on the late Friday announcement that, well, yeah, the guards at Gitmo did do a lot of bad things to the Koran, but hey, they didn't flush it down the toilet! Only urinated on it--accidentally! What a crock. Now, how will the Muslim world respond to this latest stuff--straight from the government, not through Newsweek? And who gets blamed? I'm sure Cheney will be offended by this information too.

  • John also riffs on the pathetic gay Republican mayor of Spokane, who despite calls from his city council and his own party head to resign, is holding on to his job: "What a pig. He's staying on the job. Thinking of filing suit against the newspapers who outed him as a 54 year old who tricks with 18 year old boys while supporting incredibly anti-gay legislation, and who allegedly trades sex for jobs with those boys."

  • Kos carries a story on the military's new plans for the moon and space. By God, we're taking our campaign against terrorism to the skies! We'll rain down justice upon all who seek to thwart democracy and righteousness! This is really scary stuff.

  • Here's a Kos diary about a CIA counterterrorism expert who is trying to set Bush and Cheney's pie-in-the-sky assessment of the situation in Iraq straight: "President Bush and Vice President Cheney need to get a grip on reality. The happy talk about the "fading" insurgency in Iraq ignores some harsh realities that bode ill for the future of U.S. interests in the Middle East. The truth is simple--we are fighting an insurgency in the midst of a civil war."

  • That Ohio coin-gate scandal has tentacles now reaching to the White House. It's pretty clear now that numerous election law violations have occurred on behalf of GOP candidates, including Bush. This could get really interesting.


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