Saturday, June 25, 2005

Things we still don't know

It occurred to me late last night that one of the brilliant strategies this administration employs is simply to not respond to certain questions or needs in hopes that they will go away because something else will come up. For instance, the current brouhaha about Karl Rove is robbing momentum from the Downing Street Minutes which robbed momentum from Gannon-gate which...well, you get the idea. There are so many huge issues unresolved that one hardly knows where to begin.

I think it would be good to try to list in one place all the hanging threads out there, the ones that someday we hope will all be tied up into the hideous tapestry that is the Bush 43 Administration, a tapestry we can wrap fish in or something. And I hope someday is sooner rather than later. Please add your own.

Things we still don't know:
  • Why was Jeff Gannon/Guckert given access by daily passes to the White House briefing room--and apparently beyond--for so many days, even though he was promoting himself online as a gay male prostitute? Who is Gannon's "inside guy"?
  • Where are Bush's real National Guard records, and were the purported "fakes" truly proven to be fake?
  • What really happened with the electronic voting systems that offer no paper proof of one's vote? Who really won the presidency last November?
  • What is the full story of prisoner treatment at Abu Ghraib and Gitmo? Who knew what when?
  • What are the administration's secret plans for Iran, especially now they've elected an Islamic hardliner as president? They obviously had plans for Iraq we're only now finding out about.
  • And what about North Korea?
  • Who really was behind the 9/11 attacks? We know Saddam had nothing to do with them. What about the Saudis? And how much did Bush know?
  • Where is Osama bin Laden?
  • How much money is Halliburton et al making off the Iraq war?
  • How much money is Dick Cheney making off Halliburton?
  • Where is the $8.8 billion in lost rebuilding funds for Iraq?
  • We're well over 1700 reported American forces dead in Iraq. But what is the true number of casualties? Some reports indicate that the official number doesn't count those injured who die elsewhere, or is otherwise deftly spun, and that the truth is that upwards of 9000 have died in some way related to the war. How many? How many life-changing injuries of American forces? How many Iraqi children have died, and total Iraqi citizens? And how many more will die before this mess is all over?
  • And let's not forget Afghanistan! Why does the administration seem to ignore this front?
  • How far does the Ohio Coin-gate scandal reach?
  • Why are gas prices continuing to rise so dramatically and so unconventionally?
  • Just how evil IS Karl Rove?
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