Thursday, August 11, 2005

Ignorance on the AJC op-ed page: Arrogant right-winger excoriates Cindy Sheehan

Jimmy W. Hall takes the right-wing screech against Cindy Sheehan beyond all reason in an op-ed piece published by the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Cindy Sheehan evidently thinks little of her deceased son, his sacrifice or of those left to do the noble work in his absence. How could she? Is the proper answer to her bitterness really to belittle and undermine public support for the efforts of those still serving?

The insurgents were Casey's enemy. The president of the United States is his mother's. What is wrong with this picture? Would he be proud of her near-treasonous actions? Hardly.

This woman is a representative example of typical, illogical anti-war activists. She thinks Bush, not the terrorists, killed her son. She supports those who killed Casey by wanting to pull out and let them kill more innocent people, unhindered. The lady is on the wrong team. She's disgraceful.

If Sheehan wants to continue to make a fool out of herself, I suppose that is her business as a free American. Her son and our brave troops have given her even the right to orderly protest against the very actions providing the freedom that allows her to speak out.

The arrogance of a man who assumes the grieving mother "thinks little of her deceased son..."! It's breathtakingly ignorant.

Bush in effect did kill her son, by lying to persuade a terror-wounded country to go to war against the bully who embarrassed his daddy, and who had nothing to do with 9/11. But Hall says her peaceful vigil is "near-treasonous." And he assumes to know what her own son would think of her actions.

Cindy Sheehan "disgraceful"? A grieving mom making "a fool out of herself"? No, I think you can figure out who the disgraceful fools are.

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