Friday, September 02, 2005

Where is Cheney?

AMERICAblog raises the question I was just wondering myself: Where is the VP?: "We've heard nothing from him for weeks. And now that New Orleans, and the entire Bush administration, is a massive disaster, no word from Cheney at all? Is that because he's on super secret double background vacation, or because he's seriously ill? This is just a hunch, but it would explain why Bush is SO off his game this week, why the administration is falling apart at the seams, essentially leaderless. Because their leader is seriously ill."

As I recall just about the last time we heard from him was weeks ago, when Arianna Huffington reported he was visiting a hospital in Colorado and there was all kinds of hush-hush about it. We need all the leadership we can get in this horrible hurricane aftermath.

Note the link there to Charles Rangel's comments earlier, in which he discusses the VP's bad health.

Speaking of the hurricane, the stories coming out are overwhelming. Hunter provides a moving summary at Daily Kos here. Unfathomable, the ineptness of the administration, before and after the hurricane struck. I couldn't believe hearing Shep Smith of Fox News ranting about the conditions and lack of National Guard or any aid to Sean Hannity on the radio yesterday (I hit the wrong radio button in my car). Thankfully, individual people, communities, churches, and organizations are stepping up and pitching in. God help us.

Here's a link to an earlier posting about Cheney, who has been on vacation, so they say, and no, they're not sure when he'll get back. Unbelievable.


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