Friday, October 28, 2005

Achenblog: Good news and bad news at the White House

Achenblog: Daily Humor and Observations from Joel Achenbach: "There's good news and bad news this afternoon at the White House.

Good News: No one has been charged with a war crime.

Bad News: One of the most powerful staffers in the Bush Administration has been charged with five felonies, as part of a 'corrupt endeavor' that included lying to FBI agents and making 'materially false and intentionally misleading statements and representations to the grand jury.'

Good News: The man who is probably the single most powerful staffer is doing backflips and scheduling a celebratory feast tonight at The Palm, complete with the ritual sacrifice of a goat.

Bad News: Upcoming trial will almost certaintly require testimony from just about everyone in the White House, including the Vice President and possibly the President.

Good News: Ace witness for the prosecution is Judy Miller.

Bad News: The indictment of Libby suggests that he knew that information about Joseph and Valerie Plame Wilson was of a highly sensitive nature -- to the point that he told his own deputy that he couldn't discuss the issue on a non-secure phone line. But shortly thereafter, on June 23, 2003, he met with Judy Miller and 'informed her that Wilson's wife might work at a bureau of the CIA.' In another meeting with Miller on July 8, he discussed Mrs. Wilson again and asked that his quotes be attributed to a 'former Hill staffer' rather than to a 'senior administration official.' The indictment thus builds the case that Libby knew he had loose lips and that ships might sink. So to speak.

Good News: Um..."


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