Sunday, October 02, 2005

Back from the beach

Sorry to be quiet the past few days, but I finally had an opportunity to take a few days off to spend near the ocean, at St. Simons Island, Georgia. Very relaxing, very beautiful, lots of fun. Good food, good reading, good excursions, and all with a good friend. After the first night, the internet connection wouldn't connect, so I couldn't check email let alone update a blog. So it's interesting to check back in with what's up online. Including hints from George Stephanopolous that a source told him Bush and Cheney are involved in the grand jury's considerations. Reports that Libby and Rove are looking guiltier than ever. DeLay going down. An excellent Frank Rich column today (sorry if you can't read it, bummer). And best of all, Pastor Dan has listed me in his blogroll on Street Prophets! I'm taking another day off tomorrow to pay bills, get a haircut and otherwise transition back to the real world. But I'll be around. Hope you will too.


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