Sunday, October 09, 2005

Specter to Press Miers in Hearings

Specter to Press Miers in Hearings: "Specter and Vermont Sen. Patrick J. Leahy, the committee's ranking Democrat, said they intend to follow up on a comment by Focus on the Family founder and chairman James C. Dobson that, based on conversations with White House adviser Karl Rove, he believes she opposes abortion and would be a good justice.

'This is a lifetime appointment,' Specter said. 'If there are backroom assurances and there are backroom deals and if there is something which bears upon a precondition as to how a nominee is going to vote, I think that's a matter that ought to be known by the Judiciary Committee and the American people.'

Leahy said he would oppose any nominee who gives assurances about how he or she would vote on particular cases. 'I would vote against that person,' he said. 'I wouldn't care whether they are nominated by a Democrat or a Republican. . . And all 100 senators should vote against them under that basis alone.'"


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