Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Adherents.com: Religion of Comic Book Characters

Huh, I always wondered....The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Characters: "Superheroes:
* Batman (Bruce Wayne) - Catholic
* Superman (Clark Kent/Kal-El) - raised Protestant (in some versions prior to 1986, he worshipped Kryptonian god Rao, which was explicitly addressed beginning in mid-1980s)
* Spider-Man (Peter Parker) - Protestant
* Wonder Woman (Princess Diana aka Diana Prince) - Greco-Roman classical religion
* Captain Marvel (Billy Batson, published by Fawcett, then DC) - Greco-Roman classical religion
* Daredevil (Matt Murdock) - Catholic
* Captain America (Steve Rogers) - Protestant
* Elektra (Elektra Natchios) - Greek Orthodox (clearly depicted at the funeral of her father in the 2004 movie; according to some sources she is depicted as Catholic in the comics)
* Wolverine (Logan, of the X-Men) - atheist
* The Punisher (Frank Castle) - Catholic (former Catholic seminary student)
* Robin/Nightwing (Dick Grayson) - Christianity (practicing, but specific denomination not unclear; Nightwing comics have shown both Catholic and Evangelical Protestant books, music) "

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