Wednesday, November 09, 2005

AMERICAblog: More Anti-Muslim bigotry from religious right

John in DC with another example of hate from the religious right: "Guess they realized that bashing gays isn't getting them quite the rate of return they were getting in the past. Time to pick the next minority to hate.

From the religious right propaganda organ, AgapePress:

The ICC spokesman feels these attacks show the true nature of Islamic fundamentalism. 'Within the Koran there are verses about cutting off the heads, smiting the necks of the unbelievers, terrorizing the unbelievers, and how to treat Jews and Christians,' he notes. 'Most people are not willing to say these things, but it is part and parcel of the Koran.'

King says while Islam, like other faiths, is characterized by an ongoing battle between the moderates and the fundamentalists, among Muslims 'the fundamentalists are not some small, fringe group -- they are a huge percentage. It's millions upon millions of people around the world.'

The head of ICC believes violence is intrinsic to Islamic fundamentalism. And the recent brutal attack on five Christian schoolgirls in Indonesia is proof, he asserts, that these Islamic 'true believers' have no plans to curb their violence against Christians and other 'infidels.'"

The hilarious thing (well, not so) is that the Bible is full of similar violent admonitions.


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