Monday, November 07, 2005

Born at the Crest of the Empire has some good questions about Chalabi's visit

Born at the Crest of the Empire: Chalabi visits Iran, then Washington: "Questions: First, is Chalabi acting as a back channel between the US and Iran? Perhaps more pertinently, if you look at his schedule of identified visits in the US, is he acting as a back channel for certain neoconish elements of this administration? Ledeen, Rice, and Cheney were all cheerleaders for the war and all had their hands in the 'mushroom cloud' language. How active is the 'cabal' at this point?

Second, we can question the obviously false intel he channeled into US intel stream through others who supported the war, but the bottom line is this:

Isn't Chalabi still under investigation for leaking intercept information to Iran? Should Rice, or any other 'senior US official' be meeting with this guy?"


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