Friday, November 04, 2005

Media Orchard: O'Reilly has the thinnest skin on TV

Media Orchard, by the Idea Grove: "O'Reilly's ire was stirred by Daniel Ruth's column, 'Bill O'Reilly's Lies, Lies, Lies Strike Again!' Ruth was irritated by O'Reilly's coverage of the decision by Hillsborough County schools to eliminate days off that coincide with three religious holidays.

Said O'Reilly in his 'Talking Points Memo' --

'I was attacked in the Tampa Tribune newspaper, called a liar in the newspaper and viciously smeared by the paper's far-left character assassin columnist.

Now, this disgraceful exhibition isn't unusual .. the far-left forces in the USA will say and do pretty much anything. But I'm holding Tampa Tribune publisher Gil Thelen, who is too cowardly to talk to us, personally responsible for this shameful course of events...

The anti-religious zealots in America have powerful allies in the media, and have succeeded in intimidating their opposition using vile tactics...Only you, the folks, can stop it.'"


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