Thursday, November 17, 2005

Now NY Times is calling Bush a liar

Decoding Mr. Bush's Denials - New York Times: "To avoid having to account for his administration's misleading statements before the war with Iraq, President Bush has tried denial, saying he did not skew the intelligence. He's tried to share the blame, claiming that Congress had the same intelligence he had, as well as President Bill Clinton. He's tried to pass the buck and blame the C.I.A. Lately, he's gone on the attack, accusing Democrats in Congress of aiding the terrorists.

Yesterday in Alaska, Mr. Bush trotted out the same tedious deflection on Iraq that he usually attempts when his back is against the wall: he claims that questioning his actions three years ago is a betrayal of the troops in battle today.

It all amounts to one energetic effort at avoidance. But like the W.M.D. reports that started the whole thing, the only problem is that none of it has been true."


At 4:39 PM, Blogger mikevotes said...

I think this phase of the "pushback" isn't really intended to really counter the claims, but instead it is intended to offer the loyalists something to hang their hat on.

If you want to believe, you will overlook logical inconsistencies, that's why it's important for Bush to look assured(which he doesn't.)

This effort is about shoring up the eroding base.


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