Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Radio Ink: Harkin and Limbaugh mix it up over Armed Forces Radio

Radio Ink: "The Des Moines Register reports that a round of name-calling has erupted between Rush Limbaugh and Iowa Senator Tom Harkin after a clash over programs on Armed Forces Radio.

Harkin, a Democrat, said on the Senate floor that Limbaugh 'wouldn't know the truth if it hit him in the face.' Limbaugh, meanwhile, has taken to calling the senator Tom 'Dung Heap' Harkin on his syndicated radio show.

Harkin on Nov. 7 offered a defense bill amendment calling for 'fair and balanced' political programming on Armed Forces Radio, which is broadcast to troops. Harkin repeated concerns that the radio network airs Limbaugh's show but few talk shows with alternative viewpoints, such as liberals Ed Schultz or Al Franken.

'What I object to is that Rush Limbaugh is on all week, and our troops get to hear him, but they don't get to hear any viewpoints from the other side of the political spectrum,' Harkin said.

Limbaugh on his show the next day used his nickname for Harkin, a reference to a 1999 comment by Harkin that impeachment charges against President Bill Clinton amounted to a 'pile of dung.'

Added Limbaugh: 'You have a US senator personally berating a citizen of this country, and I'm honored to be the citizen.'

Schultz, as reported here in Radio Ink, has been told by officials he will be added to the Armed Forces Radio lineup. "


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