Sunday, November 27, 2005

WaPo Ohio Scandals May Give Democrats a Lift

Bloggers have covered this scandal well, and now it's getting national attention--just another symptom of apparent GOP corruption from top to bottom: "The scandal began as a curiosity. Tom Noe, a gregarious businessman and Republican Party leader in northwest Ohio, had been entrusted with $50 million in state money to invest in rare coins, with the idea of winning fat returns for the workers' compensation fund.

It seemed an oddity at most, but like a loose thread on a jacket, the more investigators pulled, the more the garment unraveled, revealing members of Ohio's Republican establishment who had been wined, dined and enriched by Noe.

Gov. Bob Taft (R), heir to the state's most famous political name, pleaded no contest in August to accepting secret freebies from Noe and others and was fined $4,000. Members of his staff admitted borrowing money from Noe or using his Florida Keys vacation home. Millions in state funds proved to be missing from Noe's accounts.

As Republicans raced to distance themselves from Noe, a federal grand jury in Toledo indicted him last month on charges that he illegally funneled $45,400 in campaign contributions to President Bush's reelection campaign. Prosecutors said he circumvented the $2,000 limit on individual contributions by getting 24 friends and associates to make the contributions, and reimbursing them."


At 11:21 PM, Blogger mikevotes said...

As close as Ohio was at the last election, I don't think it would take too much to tip it to blue.

But I don't know how the districts are set up and that always makes a big difference.

I've seen some early polling, DKos I think, that showed DeWine not doing as well as he should be against prospective Dem candidates. I think that might indicate your trend.

And, you gotta figure the whole "culture of corruption" meme is gonna be particularly effective against that Ohio backdrop.


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