Monday, December 19, 2005

Street Prophets: America: A Shining Green Lantern to the World

Pastor Dan makes an interesting point: "While reading over the text of last night's Presidential Address, I had the uneasy sense that I was missing something about the speech, something terribly wrong.

* Morally dubious and self-serving contradictions about having to make the best of our mistakes, yet not having failure as an option? Check.

* Vague goals that aren't really so much goals as rhetorical devices to beat Democrats over the head? Check.

* Vague suggestions that Democrats are treasonous surrender monkeys? Check.

* Subtle, yet vicious, slander of Muslims of people who can't live in peace with their neigbhors ('in other places, the terrorists would not be peaceful citizens - they would be on the offense, and headed our way')? Check.

So what was I missing?

Ah, yes: here it is. Shallow appeals to American religious beliefs based on...the Green Lantern?"


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