Thursday, January 19, 2006

AJC: Georgia Democrats pandering? "Reviving a controversial religious measure debated years ago, a group of Senate Democrats on Wednesday introduced a bill to create an elective high school class to teach the Bible.

If approved, the legislation would authorize the state Board of Education to adopt a state-funded academic course covering the good book's influence on literature, art, music, culture and politics.

'Are they kidding?' asked an incredulous Jeffrey Selman, a Cobb County father who fought evolution disclaimers in students' biology textbooks. 'That's just a disguise to put the Bible back in the classroom.'

Democrats downplayed the religious nature of the proposal, saying that to be well-educated, students must understand biblical allusions in Shakespeare or the religious roots of American democracy.

But Republicans criticized the move as simply pandering to faith-based voters in an election year."


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