Thursday, January 12, 2006

AMERICAblog: Lindsey doesn't get it

AMERICAblog: John has a very simple and profound explanation for Sen. Graham: "Senator Graham is on CNN right now talking about how Judge Alito is being accused of bigotry using 'guilt by association' simply because he belonged to an organization that may have said some bad things.

Well, here's a newsflash Senator Graham. When an organization is formed expressly to kick women and minorities out of your university, and you join that organization, pray tell what else are we to conclude? That David Duke joined the Klan because they have great bake sales? Because the chicks are hot? What exactly is your point, Senator?

This is why the GOP doesn't get bigotry. They think bigots hang out in white hoods with burning crosses in their front yards. Some do, but most don't. And to suggest that it's only guilt by association when you choose to join a group whose main purpose is to embrace and promote bigotry, then you render the definition of bigotry meaningless.

And in any case, it's always enjoyable to hear a southern Republican lecture the rest of us on the meaning of bigotry."


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