Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Brooks likens Dems to Palestinian terrorists?

Just caught a bit of David Brooks on the Imus program on MSNBC, before I had to turn it off. They were talking about the "evil" Hillary Clinton's use of the word "plantation" referring to Congress under GOP control to an African-American audience. Imus (whose shtick is wearing thin--with any reference to Al Gore he has to characterize the rightful president as "the most evil person on the earth"...why?) asked Brooks about the controversy. It sounded to me like he said the GOP leadership can tend to be smug and arrogant, but the Dems get hysterical, and he likened them to Palestinians who will do anything to get their point across, including kill themselves and others apparently. I'm not sure what else he could have meant. Did anyone else catch this? Maybe Crooks & Liars or somebody will have the video. Now how is this not worse than Hillary using the word "plantation"?


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