Wednesday, February 08, 2006

AMERICAblog: Bush budget eliminates English-language VOA

AMERICAblog: John reports on Bush's budget eliminating one of the few means we have of trying to tell at least the English-speaking world that we're not such bad folks... then he adds this (and I think he's right, and not only on this program but on a lot of the proposed cuts): "Of course, it's totally possible that Bush is killing this part of the VOA budget because HE KNOWS it's ridiculous to kill it. Sound crazy? Not at all. It's an old trick used by presidents who have no desire to submit a serious budget to Congress. You see, the president makes his budget balance by killing all sorts of programs that he knows Congress will have to put back in - like this VOA program. That way, Bush gets credit for saving the money from the killed program and can then spend it on other budget priorities, while at the same time it becomes CONGRESS'S FAULT that the program is reinstated and it's CONGRESS'S FAULT that the program adds to the deficit. Cute, no? Talk about your fuzzy math"


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