Saturday, February 25, 2006

BATCOTE: Plame Gossip - the discovered emails

Mikevotes has a great update on the latest Plame news: "So, if Jason's characterization is correct, Fitzgerald now has in his possession hard evidence that Cheney was 'spearheading' an effort to go after Wilson. If that included outing his wife, I thinkFitzgerald has found the top element of the conspiracy.

Also, there's that mention again of the use of the CIA to dig up dirt on a political opponent. Now, this is a matter of characterization as well. If Cheney said, 'find out everything you can about Wilson so we can assess his judgement on this matter,' that's ugly, but okay.

But if Cheney used the CIA to dig up dirt on a political opponent solely to discredit him, we're seeing something clearly Nixonian here, and the use of the CIA for this purpose is seriously illegal.


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