Wednesday, February 08, 2006

HuffPo Marty Kaplan: Bush at the Funeral

Marty Kaplan: From Paul Wellstone to Coretta King, from The Huffington Post: "Why are Republicans such weenies about funeral orations?

Wingnut crybabies are whining that W got dissed at Coretta King's funeral. What did they expect -- praise for his civil rights record? Honor for his warrantless wiretapping? Encomia for widening the gap between rich and poor? Heckofajob!s for his post-Katrina promise-keeping?

I can understand why he didn't plan on attending the funeral in the first place; W's kind of African-American event is more like the 2000 Republican convention that nominated him in Philadelphia, where the only black faces were the ones on stage."


At 9:36 PM, Blogger The Gentle Cricket said...

As a Republican, I expected a eulogy ABOUT the deceased, about her actions, and about her life. Not cheap shots. By the way, Carter failed to mention that it was a democrat that wiretapped Dr. King.

Accusing Bush of being a racist is nothing new. Pandering to blacks by using fears of racism seems to be the only issue on the Democrat party platform. Soon they will be issuing talking points about it...but it is false. President Bush has more minorities in his cabinet (40%) than Clinton did at the end of his term (20%).

It's ironic that the party of Robert Byrd (D) (the only KKK member in congress) so often claims moral superiority.

Perhaps Rev. Lowery or President Carter could have said something about how Coretta King's struggles paved the way for people like Colin Powell and Condy Rice to be the successes they are. Their success is testament to the struggles of the Kings.

At 9:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

that service was appropriate as to the way MLK would have done himself.
he used every opportunity to get his message out so it was so very right that wiretapping was covered.and for those that dont understand it was againt government overreach.some sure are quick to go all defensive and all my life i was told that shows someone to be guilty?


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