Monday, February 27, 2006

Michael Brown: I was ‘left on the battlefield’

Brian Williams had a very interesting interview with ex-FEMA director Michael Brown--here's just one excerpt. He's not a happy camper: "One of the mistakes that I've owned up to was this whole mentality that exists in Washington, D.C. — that you get your talking points. And, by God, you stick to your talking points. And what I should have done was gone to the American people — instead of putting my arm around Governor Blanco and talking about how wonderfully things are working — we should have told them: 'This is a disaster of the magnitude that this country has never seen. We are struggling. We're gonna do everything we can to help make this thing better. We're gonna call in all the resources. We need your patience and understanding' — and paint them a realistic picture. You see, I believe that people in D.C. don't believe that the American people can handle the truth."


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