Monday, February 27, 2006

Think Progress: Powerline Pushes WMD Conspiracy Theories

Think Progress -- Powerline Pushes WMD Conspiracy Theories: "Yesterday, Powerline blog published a post called “Saddam Had WMD.” John Hinderaker — a frequent guest on CNN — said there is “recently discovered evidence” which shows Saddam’s WMD were moved to Syria before the invasion.

Investigators laid the possibility to rest last year. Charles Duelfer, the White House’s hand-picked W.M.D. investigator, found in a 92-page report that “no information gleaned from questioning Iraqis supported the possibility” that Saddam moved WMD to Syria.

There is no “evidence” that shows the Duelfer report was wrong. Rather, a couple of people are pushing conspiracy theories without any supporting evidence."


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