Thursday, February 09, 2006

Wild News Day

I was tied up pretty much all day with work, dinner with my son, etc. etc. And was surprised to see so many amazing stories online tonight...

Thanks to AmericaBlog for this pointer to Josh at TPM on the AP story trying to implicate Harry Reid in the Abramoff scandal... when it's clear he did nothing to favor ol' Jack's Indian clients. There's no there there.

The Prez says his illegal wiretapping helped stave off an attack on an LA skyscraper... but did he exaggerate? Or lie? John has some interesting links.

Murray Waas at National Journal reports that Libby testified that Cheney put him up to spreading the word on Valerie Plame Wilson to gin up war support... which should put the VP in prison, right? (I heard this story as the lede on the CBS Radio News at 5:00 this evening, quoting the NatJourn).

And according to a GOP Congressional source, Sen. Frist and Speaker Hastert rigged some legislation after a conference report to make sure Bill's pharma friends were taken care of... as John in DC put it: "Basically, Frist and Hastert secretly slipped language into the defense bill, AFTER IT HAD ALREADY BEEN VOTED ON, language that nobody knew about, that wasn't agreed to, so it became law. And why did they do it? Well, Frist has received over a quarter of a million dollars from big pharmaceutical lobbyists - so you paint the picture."

And, another hat tip to AmericaBlog, Insight magazine, the Moonie/WashTimes rag, reports on the illegal wiretapping operation... pointing out that American to American calls in the US are being spied on, that known Al Qaeda terrorists are here--but we can't find them, and that the wiretapping is virtually useless.

On it goes! God bless us..


At 1:30 AM, Blogger CPS Detective Kemi Lane said...

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At 1:33 AM, Blogger CPS Detective Kemi Lane said...

Cephas, nobody's getting anywhere. The Pharmaceutical lobbyists are winning!


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