Tuesday, March 14, 2006

AJC: Soldiers' homecoming delayed

I'll borrow Mike at BATCOTE's photo of the day feature with this pic from the AJC, showing the strain on the face of Sgt. Michael Flynn, whose wife has made and canceled five hotel reservations in anticipation of his return home. Read the story: "They were planning a “last patrol” celebration this week. After almost 11 months in Iraq, Gainesville-based soldiers of the 48th Brigade Combat Team were ready to go home.

But over the weekend they were told they would have to put their celebration on hold."


At 9:32 AM, Blogger mikevotes said...

Yeah. I really like that feature, but to do it well,(and I egotistically think I do it well) you've gotta be a little obsessive about it.

What I do is just save down every picture I see that might be relevant into a file, and then go fishing in that file whenever I want one.

Make sure you put identifying info in your filename whenever you can because, like with Iraq pictures, it's sometimes important for honesty's sake to list the dates.

Currently, blogger will take up to 300 MB of pictures on your free blog account, my math says that at three a day I've got years.

And, I really like the pictures because I think they communicate things that really can't be written.

And you will run across some ethical dilemmas as you do this. Where is your line on violence? How do you really feel about showing suffering? Are you exploiting people?

Also, I have a standard I picked up that whenever I show a funeral picture of an Iraq casualty, I make it a point to list the guys name. I don't really care about the rank, but the name is important.

And feel free to steal any pictures of my blog, it's not like I own 'em. Links are nice but not necessary.

Good luck with this. I think it really has enhanced my blogging.

(one more note. I find the pictures are often most powerful without any explanatory text. Long descriptions tend to undermine the "striking" quality of the photo. But that's just my opinion and I'm a bit of a minimalist.)

If I can help out, let me know.

And, print them big, again, more striking.



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