Tuesday, March 21, 2006

BATCOTE: More evidence of cooked intel

Born at the Crest of the Empire: More evidence of cooked intel: "NBC has a pretty big scoop on Iraq prewar intel. Apparently, the CIA had contact with Naji Sabri, an Iraqi so high in Saddam's power structure that he gave the rebuttal at the UN to Colin Powell's lies for war.

So, this insider, a source so high up in the government, was giving them accurate information, no germ warfare agents, many years from nuclear weapon, and they ignored him. Ahmed Chalabi gives them a known prevaricator like 'Curveball,' and they take that intel to the President who presents the information to the American people as fact.

The fix was in, Mr. Bush supporter. How much more evidence do you need?"

Mike has some other good stuff today, as usual--check it out.


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