Wednesday, March 22, 2006

HuffPo's Bob Cesca: WAH! The President Fielded Tough Questions For Once. WAH!

Bob Cesca has a great review of the Helen Thomas/Bush brouhaha: "In case you've just recently picked up on the president's incompetence as a leader and decision-maker, then ahoy! Welcome aboard! We missed you back in November 2004, but we're glad to have you now.

I realize that there's a multitude of reasons why President Bush is the worst president in modern history.
The list grows longer practically by the second. So rather than enumerating the litany of reasons, let's go back to yesterday's press conference in which the president fielded a question from Helen Thomas for the first time in years. Everything you need to know about President Bush's incompetence is pretty much summed up in that exchange."


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