Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Think Progress: Bush Insists “I Didn’t Want War,” Overwhelming Evidence Suggests Otherwise

Think Progress has the truth behind Bush's statement about not wanting to go to war in Iraq: "Bush appears to be the only person left who believes his own myth that he went to war with Iraq as a last resort. The evidence is overwhelming to the contrary."

Check it out. I happened to hear the exchange between Helen Thomas and the Prez while accidentally landing on the station carrying Rush Limbaugh at lunch today. Finally Bush had the guts to let her ask a question, and he gave the same tired response. Rush said Bush totally shut down all the liberal talking points behind Helen's question "manfully" but "politely." I nearly wrecked my car. Bush's defense was so weak against Helen's tough question--which I don't think anyone else has had the guts to ask. And Think Progress shows how Bush has apparently fallen into believing his administration's own spin. Pathetic.


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