Thursday, April 06, 2006

AMERICAblog: The Leader in Chief

AMERICAblog: The AP is reporting that Libby has said Bush authorized the leaks to help gin up the case for the Iraq war: "While it's not clear whether Bush did or didn't authorize Libby to leak Valerie Plame's name, we now know that Bush himself is a leaker - Bush thinks leaks of classified information are a-okay and a worthwhile and acceptable tool of politics.

And Bush himself is directly responsible for leaking classified informationt to - whom? - why REPORTERS! The very people who Bush now has the Justice Department investigating for receiving leaks of classified information regarding secret CIA prisons in Eastern Europe.

So, Bush authorized leaks of classified information to reporters, yet he's investigating people in his administration for leaking classified information to reporters. It's good to be king.

You'll recall that Bush leaked classified information to Bob Woodward for one of Woodward's book. The issue was raised at the time, but no one in the media or the Hill wanted to seriously go after it because Bush was still Big Brother back then. Hopefully they'll start going after the leaker-in-chief now."


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