Thursday, May 11, 2006

AJC: Silent Rummy protester speaks up

Work to be heard, even without words--op-ed by Randy Aronov: "Last week, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's speech at the Atlanta History Center was interrupted several times by protesters who yelled at Rumsfeld and unfurled banners, an event that drew national news coverage.

But in covering the speech, Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist Jay Bookman also mentioned another protester:

'But one man took a different approach. As showdowns go, it wasn't exactly two gunslingers face to face on a dusty street in Dodge City. But there was drama in it nonetheless. As Rumsfeld stood at the podium, starting to outline his vision of the American role in world affairs, a balding man in a coat and tie rose out of the seated audience, turned his back on Rumsfeld and stood silently.'

My name is Randy Aronov and I am that silent dissenter."

Good for him.


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