Sunday, May 21, 2006

Anti-gay marriage amendment ruling affects both parties

From GLBT folks are furious at Dems supporting anti-gay marriage amendment: "A Fulton County judge's ruling against the 2004 gay marriage ban amendment may have consequences for both Democrats and Republicans in the primaries this summer.

By criticizing the ruling, which was embraced by Georgia's conservative majority, gubernatorial hopeful Cathy Cox could cost herself an important metro Atlanta vote --- the city's large and politically active gay community.

And gay activists are so disappointed with Democratic politicians' response to the ruling that they are talking of mounting an effort to shift their votes to the Republican Party primary.

'The feeling is, if they [Democrats] treat us this way now, they aren't going to do anything different when they are in power,' said Chuck Bowen, the executive director of Georgia Equality, a statewide gay rights organization. 'We won't have a seat at the table.'

On Friday, the group urged the gay community to reconsider its support of both Cox and her Democratic rival for governor, Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor."


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