Sunday, June 04, 2006

Rich: Supporting our troops over a cliff

The Raw Story has some excerpts from Rich's column: "Americans should feel 'guilty' because the Bush Administration 'has asked no sacrifice of civilians other than longer waits at airline security,' while our troops go to war in Iraq so 'we can party on,' writes Frank Rich in his column slated for the Sunday edition of The New York Times....

'For all the politicians' talk about honoring those who serve, Washington's record is derelict: chronic shortages in body and Humvee armor; a back-door draft forcing troops with expired contracts into repeated deployments; inadequate postwar health care and veterans' benefits,' Rich writes. 'And that's just the short list.'

Rich also slams President Bush's campaign for a federal marriage amendment while the war drags on ('...we are planning an indefinite stay of undefined parameters,' according to Rich).

'Though the amendment has no chance of passing, Bush apparently still thinks, as he did in 2004, that gay-baiting remains just the diversion to distract from a war gone south,' Rich writes."


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