Sunday, July 02, 2006

C&L: Hannity’s Schiavo nurse may lose her license

Crooks and Liars has a great update on the despicable treatment of Michael Schiavo by Hannity et al: "Hannity shamlessly camped out at Terri’s hospice for almost two weeks and allowed his guests to mercilessly attack Michael endlessly. When all the evidence came back that supported Teri’s diagnosis, Hannity never offered up an apology for his behavior. In this segment he tries once again to smear Michael by asking Carla if he was the one that started this investigation. Her own actions speak to the issue. As far as I’m concerned she couldn’t be booted out of the medical field fast enough.

Last year Hannity was busted by Harry Shearer coaching the nurses before they went on camera. (see video ) Here’s a video segment on H&C (with Malkin) when all 89 complaints against Michael were found to be false. They also tried to blame Terri’s condition on Michael which also was proven to be false."


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