Monday, July 17, 2006

E&P: Novak on "Meet the Press" Claims He Didn't Out Plame

Novak on "Meet the Press" Claims He Didn't Out Plame: "Columnist Robert Novak, after submitting to a pair of interviews on his friendly home turf -- Fox News -- traveled to an away field on Sunday, appearing with Tim Russert on NBC's 'Meet the Press,' where he found himself on the hot seat at times.

There, among other things, he reversed course in his dispute with 'Newsday,' now saying that the paper did not not misquote him on a key point but rather that he misspoke. He continued to claim that he did not really 'out' covert CIA agent Valerie Plame. And he defended not only talking about sources with the prosecutor, but also refusing until now to confirm he had testified.

Yet, asked if he'd do it all again, he said he wasn't sure. But he clearly did not regret outing Plame, in fact, arguing, with little evidence, 'I don’t think I outed her. I think she was outed by Aldridge Aimes before. I don’t think she was a -- a covert operative.'"


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