Monday, July 17, 2006

Link to Disgraced Lobbyist Taints Race - New York Times

Link to Disgraced Lobbyist Taints Race - New York Times: "It is curious enough to see Ralph Reed, a man who was on the cover of Time magazine at age 33, the man widely credited with galvanizing evangelical Christians into a national political force, putting everything he has into a race for the relatively low-profile job of lieutenant governor of Georgia.

But it is stranger still to see him losing ground. Because of Mr. Reed’s entanglement in a national lobbying scandal, a political contest that once seemed well within his grasp has turned into a battle for his personal and professional reputation, and it is not clear whether he will survive the Republican primary on Tuesday.

At a recent rally here in the Atlanta suburbs, where people ate hot dogs and strawberries compliments of the Cobb County Republican Women’s Club, a longtime ally of Mr. Reed’s in a red “Support Our Troops” sweater pulled the candidate close and whispered anxiously in his ear."


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