Sunday, July 30, 2006

Some in GOP are saying Bush abuses his powers

From "President Bush faces growing opposition from once loyal conservatives who say the White House has launched a power grab that threatens the Constitution's checks and balances among the three branches of government.

The White House and the president's defenders say Bush needs expanded powers to fight terrorism, but a growing number of Republican politicians and key conservative policy shapers say the balance of power is now too heavily tilted in favor of the executive branch --- and Congress is failing to do anything about it.

Among the issues sparking dissent from the GOP ranks is the administration's extensive use of presidential 'signing statements' to indicate his intent to nullify provisions in bills passed by Congress. Bush has signed more such statements than all preceding presidents combined, according to the American Bar Association.

In addition, the Bush administration has invoked the 'state secret privilege' more than any other previous administration to get potentially embarrassing cases thrown out of federal court on grounds that they would reveal national security secrets.

Also worrying to some conservatives are the president's surveillance programs to ensnare terrorists, which allow the government to snoop without permission from a judge. And they are concerned about the administration's plans to try suspected terrorists outside of the military courts."


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