Thursday, July 20, 2006

What happened to the religious right-wing in Georgia?

Jim Galloway reports on Ralph Reed's trouncing and other setbacks to the religious right, from "The Republican race for lieutenant governor between Ralph Reed and Casey Cagle made Christian voters so uncomfortable that many stayed home --- sending ripples up and down the GOP ticket on Tuesday --- Republican and religious activists said a day after the primary.

'We haven't seen this much conservative disaffection in --- well, I would say this is a new experience,' said Dan Becker, who heads up the political arm of Georgia Right to Life, an anti-abortion group. 'But it's not a continuing phenomenon. This is an anomaly in an otherwise well-oiled machine. This is not the demise of the religious right.'

Reed's defeat also raises questions about how important Christian conservatives are to the success of the GOP at the polls, evangelical leaders, lawmakers and political scientists said."


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